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Using getCIsByID in Webservice of UCMDB.


Using getCIsByID in Webservice of UCMDB.


I uesed APIs of Webservice in Asp.net application.

I used getCIsByID with code sample follows:
////Start code
UMCDB.UcmdbService.UcmdbService obj = new UcmdbService.UcmdbService();
obj.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
obj.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("admin", "admin");
obj.PreAuthenticate = true;

UMCDB.UcmdbService.getCIsById obj1 = new UcmdbService.getCIsById();
UMCDB.UcmdbService.CmdbContext cont = new UMCDB.UcmdbService.CmdbContext();
cont.callerApplication = "228-c37e742b026111";
obj1.cmdbContext = cont;

UMCDB.UcmdbService.ID id = new UMCDB.UcmdbService.ID();
id.Value = "07021d47746b5962337822bff4e01763";
UMCDB.UcmdbService.ID[] ids = {id};
obj1.IDs = ids;

UMCDB.UcmdbService.getCIsByIdResponse obj1Respone = null;
obj1Respone = obj.getCIsById(obj1);
UMCDB.UcmdbService.CIProperties pro = null;
pro = obj1Respone.CIs[0].props;

//End Code

This problem is: object pro of mycode,it not null but I can't not property of pro object.

Can you help me this problem which I can get property of CI by ID?




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