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Update Attributes of Already Existing CI

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Update Attributes of Already Existing CI


We are trying to update ome attributes like Environment, Function , Notes , Server Owner Name of already discovered CIs, 

Is this Doable via CSV or Excel Upload by Anymeans? Its not Practical to do this Via going one by one for (4000 CIs) and we would like to put in into the system , every now and then,

Here is one Community Post Discussing the same : /t5/UCMDB-and-UD-Practitioners-Forum/UCMDB-Import-from-CSV-trouble/td-p/5223690

If it is not possible as CSV import job is for Creating new CIs and not updating Existing ones : /t5/UCMDB-and-UD-Practitioners-Forum/How-to-Update-CI-Attributes-in-UCMDB-Via-CSV-Import/td-p/4633307

What would be my option Java API ?

If Using Java API could we select a Node using Global ID and Update whatever Attribute we want? But how will it parse a CSV and Select CI with a specific Global ID and Update a set of atrrbutes and Exit with a message that this many Success and THis Many Failiures.

Any help on this would be great,

Maybe a sample Java API code would be great, i presume the community here may have already one for the same purpose

Dima Gomel
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Re: Update Attributes of Already Existing CI


It's doable via many different ways.  You need to choose the way according to the data sources you have and tools/skills available. In all of cases below you need to understand what minimal set of attributes you need to create specific CI.

1. CSV export works fine.

2. DB export. I bit more complicated setup, but once connected works well and fast.

2. Java API.

3. WebServices. You could use many automations tools here. SOAP UI is one of many... https://www.soapui.org/downloads/latest-release.html

Hope this helps...

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: Update Attributes of Already Existing CI

Hello DIma

The Excel Import worked fine and this resolved our issue

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event