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Ucmdb creating dependencies


Ucmdb creating dependencies


I am integrating our network components with HP ucmdb. We have created CITypes and can populate them. But i dont know how to create relation ship between them ,
By extending some existing CITypes i get instance_of relationship but i also need depends and container relationships

I saw there are some XML files under validLinks in the packages which defines these relation ships. Is there any way i can do it from GUI ?
I tried creating the XML and deploying it but it does not show the relations ships and i dont get any any errors as well

Any help is appreciated ,



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Yossi Zaaroor
Honored Contributor.

Re: Ucmdb creating dependencies

how do you populate the CMDB with actual data ? (CIs )

changing/creating the CI types is only affecting the definition fo the model, not the instacnes.

when you create CIs (populate) you need to create the links as well - since a link/dependency is just another type of CI.

if you can't do that during the CI creation, you can create an enrichment rule to create the links between the CIs.
Alexander Arkhi
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Ucmdb creating dependencies

First of all you should create "Valid Link" between CI Types.

Navigate to CI Type Manager, select 2 CI Types in the left tree and open context menu.
In popup window pick up (mark with checkboxes) Relationships you want to be valid between these classes.
Then create some dummy view to display your CIs and in ITU create relationships between CIs.
support 2011
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Re: Ucmdb creating dependencies

Hello EXperts,

Can you please let me know how to create new CIs , When I go for creation of new CI, elements are greyed out so I am unable to select it and proceed further.
I want to create new CI manuallly with Type - "Software Element"

Please Please help me in this.