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UD 10.01 AM Push Adapter accessing cpu_specifier_enum

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UD 10.01 AM Push Adapter accessing cpu_specifier_enum

How can I access cpu_specifier_enum in groovy function, I am trying to push cpu_specifier field from CPU CI to Asset Manager, but its pushing integer value instead of string, the integer value seems to the enum value, so i need to convert the integer enum value to its string, but when I tried to acces the enum in Groovy function it threw an error that the attribute is not recognized, is anybody using any out of the box enums in groovy functoions?

Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: UD 10.01 AM Push Adapter accessing cpu_specifier_enum


That's difinetelly a tricky question.

When the adapter starts the start(PushDataAdapterEnvironment env) method of the groovy connector is called.

Taking a look at the env – it contains a method called ClassModel getLocalClassModel()… and the ClassModel contains all enums definitions.


So during the mapping you can use this ClassModel to convert your enum key to values.


Hope this helps.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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