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UCMDB to SM7 Attribute mapping

Edward Gillis
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UCMDB to SM7 Attribute mapping

I'd like a list of all the CI attributes and the mapping of names in UCMDB to those in SM7.

However it seems EVERY CI type has a xml or xsl transformation file somewhere with just a few attributes etc...

Any simple ways to get ALL the passed attributes for all the CIT in the ServiceDesk Adaptor without having to go into each and every XML/XSL for every CIT passed via the integration package...???


hosts host_os OS
hosts host_dnsname DNSName
hosts host_hostname HostName
hosts host_osversion OSVersion
hosts host_serialnumber BIOSId
memory memory_size PhysicalMemory

I do not want to do Network, CPU, Printers etc...all by hand...?


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