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UCMDB "Ports" questions


UCMDB "Ports" questions

Hello all,


I have a few questions that I need answered:


First some background, I am working with UCMDB 9.03, installed previously, with 5+ probe servers around the environmnet.

Currently there are aproxamently 1500-1600 Servers being scanned.


1.  If I need to see ports on an "Out of the box" UCMDB 9.03 installation, will this be available by utilizing the "IPServiceEndpoint" CI?


2.  I am trying to pull a view of: Server to Server connections with IP address's.  The issue I am seeing is when I attempt to pull this view, it also pulls back EVERY port that is being utilized to talk between these servers, and thus causing the view to fail.

For example: I am trying to just pull one large subnet for one location, say 192.1.x.x to all servers that are connected to that (With some filters added to take out some "Noise" that we don't want to see.)  What I get back is around 700
Computer CI's, and then the dependecy shows over 279,000 instances, and 600 2nd level servers.


Is there a way I can limit or remove the Port information?


I have attached a screen shot showing what I mean.

I need this to only show the "Dependecy" links, not the ports.  Please help!


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Re: UCMDB "Ports" questions

1. yes, ootb you rely on your IpServiceEndPoints to show you client-server traffic between hosts.

2. I would add something to the attributes of the IpServiceEndPoints like networkPortNumber equal 80, maybe set one for the IpAddresses like Address "like 192.168.%". If it's too little you could play around with the NetworkPortNumber being smaller/greater than X and set intervals.


Re: UCMDB "Ports" questions

Dear R.P.J.,


Thank you for your response, however I don't think you fully understand the issue.


I WANT to use IPServiceEndpoints to get the ports.  And NOT have them show up "Automaticly" in the view.


Let me attach a screen shot of the query I am running, along with the previous image I posted, hopefully all will better understand my issue.


I have posted 2 queries to hopefully help show the issue.


I would not expect to see over 7000 dependecies between 39 tier one computers and 106 tier 2.

I expect to see one line for "Dependecy", and not EVERY PORT that they are talking on.