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UCMDB - Scheduled Jobs and Job details

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UCMDB - Scheduled Jobs and Job details

2 questions. 1) If a job is scheduled and does not complete before the next scheduled running of the job, what does it do? Does it continue adding to the job or skip scheduling more ci's?
2)On the job details in show status what does last duration and average duration calculating? Is this how long it takes to run job?


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Re: UCMDB - Scheduled Jobs and Job details

Regarding 2) from the manual find the following:

Previous invocation. The last time that DDM ran the job.

Next invocation. The next time that DDM is scheduled to
run the job.

Last duration. The length of time, in seconds, taken to
run the job in the previous invocation.

Average duration. The average duration, in seconds, of
the time it took the Probe to run this job.

Recurrence. The number of times a job is run in a week.
For example, if a job is scheduled to run daily, it runs 7
times in a week. If
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Re: UCMDB - Scheduled Jobs and Job details

Thank you. Looked through the manual and couldn't find a thing. Thanks.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event