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UCMDB-SM Integration Question about Running Time

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UCMDB-SM Integration Question about Running Time



It's the first time I make a Service Manager - UCMDB integration and I have some doubts.

First, I create a Job to integrate 1522 CI's, I execute the Job and one minute later it read 1000 CIs, I thought it will be fast, but not, it took 4 days to run and integrate 1522 CIs.


Then I execute a job for another CI Type, this has 10,431 CI and it's similarly, in the first minute it read 1000 CIs and so still running the Job, it is normal? there will be something I missed configure? any ideas?


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Re: UCMDB-SM Integration Question about Running Time

Hi, ofcourse thats not normal, i sync a few thousand ci's in 2 minutes.

Best thing to do is put your fcmb logs on the probe in debug and monitor those logs and on the sm site your sm log.

Make sure you have a dedicated port on the sm site with it's own logfile so it is easier to read.

Also check if your probe has enough memory configured and has no performance issues, same goes for your sm server.