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UCMDB - Process to Process by Network Data

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Andy Wolin
Super Collector

UCMDB - Process to Process by Network Data

Version: 8.0.1

The discovery job 'Process to Process by Network Data' does not seem to be working. When activated it quickly reports 'success' and then shows no results. This job has worked in version 7 because we have relationships of type 'talk', and this job appears to be the only one that outputs 'talk' relationships. It appears that since our upgrade these relationships have not been updated or discovered.

I seem to remember hearing that this was a problem with version 8 and that there was a workaround. I can't remember that work around.




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Alexander Arkhi
Honored Contributor

Re: UCMDB - Process to Process by Network Data

There's no *problem* with the job.
You need to have "Host Resources and Applications by ***" run before activating by P2P by Network Data.
HRAD & NetFlow jobs are feeding discovery DB and further P2P jobs are retrieving the information from this DB and model the proper topology.
Andy Wolin
Super Collector

Re: UCMDB - Process to Process by Network Data

Got it thanks!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event