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UCMDB - Oracle RAC Discovery Issues

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UCMDB - Oracle RAC Discovery Issues

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Using uCMDB 9.02, we are having an issue fully discovering an Oracle 11g RAC host. Initially the warnings seen for host resources discovery showed:
"Job was running more than 900000 msec".

We bumped up the adapater value to 2700000 msec, and the warning changed to:
"Failed adding entities of type process to Probe database."

The communication log is gigantic, and for security purposes I cannot attach it here.

Generally speaking the log is full of similar statements:

Failed getting referenced package

[CDATA: /usr/sbin/pkgchk -l -p "ora_lck0_AB123" ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]
[CDATA: NOTE: Couldn't lock the package database. ERROR_CODE:0]

ora_lck0_AB123 is a DB instance, and not a package. Are these safe to ignore, or do these correlate to the error message above?



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Re: UCMDB - Oracle RAC Discovery Issues


The "errors" (Failed getting referenced package) you're seeing are safe to ignore.
As for "Failed adding entities of type process to Probe database" - this seems to be a problem with the probe-mysql communication...