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UCMDB Node is Virtual Field Query

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UCMDB Node is Virtual Field Query

Hi Expert,

We are using UCMDB 10.22 Version and we are categorizing the server information based on Node is Virtual field.

If the Node is Virutal = True, we are considering that - virtual machines, if the Node is Virtual = False, we are considering that as Physical Machines.

We are generating many reports in customer end based on this. Now we are facing issues around 1000+ servers.

Some of the server node is virtual field is empty, Node is Desktop =  True, Can i consider this as Desktop??

Some of the servers are populating the value as empty. Can i get any of the jython script which is populating the value of Node is virtual. It could be helpful for me to explain to my customer properly.








Dima Gomel
Micro Focus Expert

Re: UCMDB Node is Virtual Field Query

Please check "Created by" and "Updated by" attribute for CIs with empty is_virual attribute. This will give an answer on what discover jobs populating empty values there.

Personally, I would suggest to treat empty values as physical machines.


-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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