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UCMDB Mapping

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UCMDB Mapping

Hi Exoerts

I have UCMDB7.51 installed in windows 2003 platform
I have discovery my web servers, application servers , databases, layer 2 network. I need help in the following

How can I relate a webserver with an application server and

How can
show API dependencies between applications

Any help suggestions in this matter is appreciated

Thank You
Tomer Eckhous
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Re: UCMDB Mapping

Only support can help you, it a know issue.
First you got a web server pattern view that show you that, you must discover hosts type first.

activate the TCP Port discovery package as well for it.
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Re: UCMDB Mapping

Hi Tomer

I have the tcp ports discovered, I have the webservers discovered and also the host that hosts the webservers are discovered. I want to know how to show that the application servers and the webservers communicate via 8443.
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Re: UCMDB Mapping

Hi there,
make sure you run WebServices discovery.
than just run 'Process to Process' discovery and you'll have all your web servers and apps linked to your application serves.
Jim Shaw
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Re: UCMDB Mapping

Web stuff is not fun.

If the sockets are not "long lived", you will be unlikely to be able to catch the client side of the socket "ESTABLISHED" from a netstat/lsof point of view. If that's so, the P2P patterns will be of little use to you.

If that is the case, you need to write a pattern to interrogate the client side (in this case, the app server) for its connection parameters. .ini, .xml, db contents, registry, that sort of thing. If you go through a load balancer this can become even more twisted.
As far as API dependencies, again you're _probably_ on your own. Have done this before with Java .jar files with strict naming standards, stuff like that.

Get on to HP and ask for the DDM developer guide, and possibly "Discovery 101". These (when I saw them last) were incomplete but very, very useful things to have around.

Good luck.

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Re: UCMDB Mapping

Thanks, I will check it out and update you