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UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery


UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery

I am a newbee to UCMDB and learning. I am trying to run a Discovery of SQL Server Databases in my environment using UD. I am using UCMDB 10.0. I run the Generic DB protocol using a SQL username which has owner permissions. But when I observe the results, I see CI created for databases, users, files etc.. but I don't see any "Tables".


Can we use UCMDB to discover to the extent of tables? How do we do this? Is there a new process to do that?


Thanks in advance..




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Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery

Start with reading documentation for discovery you run. In your case it would be Chapter 31 MS-SQL Discovery in the HP UCMDB 10 Discovery and Integration Content Guide. There is a section called Topology there that shows you what topology is discovered. Do you see DB tables there? No. That means OOB jobs don't do discovery down to tables level.


Can you extend OOB discovery to discover something extra? Yes, you can. UCMDB 10 Develop Reference Guide will help.


Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery

Got it! Thanks. I will read the document and try to accomplish this.


Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery

I am going through the document. I am abosultely new to Jython. Apart from adding DB table to the Discovered CIT in the SQL-Server Adapter, I assume that I need to tweak the Jython Script. There should a query that selects all tables in the server and then a script that would process. Is this correct?

Should this script be added as an external script?

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Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery

Hi qwerty,


There are two ways:


1. Modify the OOB script to include your query and logic to create the new CITs from the queried information.

2. You can create a new script, and import this script in your main script but I would suggest you not to follow this step as this might be too complex, also don't forget to take the backup of original script in case something goes wrong.


Few tips:

1. Go through few OOB scripts to understand how to create CIs from queried information.

2. Use logger.debug statements after each statement you include to make sure your script is working as expected, and check the communication log.


All the best!



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Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery



we are having trouble with db admins in order to create users with specified permission in the documentation. 

jobs: MSSQL Topology by SQL and Oracle Topology by SQL


is there anyone who can share "create user scripts" above two jobs?





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Re: UCMDB MS SQL database Discovery



What precisely is the trouble you're having? Do you want a magic wand? Do you know what you're asking for and what you're missing? Please go into a -little- bit more detail.