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UCMDB “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery error

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Michael Levitan
Super Contributor.

UCMDB “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery error


I am running “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery and I am getting the following error:

<< Progress message, Severity: Error>>
NTCMD: Internal error. Details: NTCMD connection: the system cannot find the file specified (when trying to connect to x64 remote server, make sure it is not configured to run in WoW64 compatibility mode; examine HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/xCmd Service/ and make sure WoW64 key either does not exist or is configured to '0')

I have BAC 8.03 and DDM are installed on the same x64 windows server and the discovery target also is 64 bit windows server. I set the registry key to 0 as required but it doesn’t help

Any ideas?


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Alexander Arkhi
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: UCMDB “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery error

Do you have DDM Content Pack installed?
If not, I would suggest to install DDM Content Pack 4 on top of your UCMDB 8.03, it should eliminate the problem.
Michael Levitan
Super Contributor.

Re: UCMDB “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery error


Thank you for reply, I will try to do as you suggested.

But, I am new in UCMDB discovery and could you tell me please where I can get the DDM content pack 4 and is there any docs that explain how to install it?

Dmitry Shevchenko
HPE Expert

Re: UCMDB “Host connectivity by Shell” discovery error

Content Pack 4 with all documentation can be downloaded from the DDM Community Portal at https://h20090.www2.hp.com/