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UCMDB Evaluation SW: license / custom adapters

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UCMDB Evaluation SW: license / custom adapters


Using HP UCMDB 9.00 trial software, will I be able to develop and test my own custom integration adapters? According to the documentation, after I've created my new adapter, I must assign it a job from the "Discovery Modules". But when I try to add a new job in Discovery Modules, it's tagged with "no license". Do I need a license to make my adapter functional, even for testing purposes?

NB: Here are my license details (from the jmx console):
License type: BASIC

Customer Name: Basic perpetual UCMDB license for R&D

Permitted packages: SAR_Integration.zip DDMI_Integration.zip NNM_Integration.zip SE_Integration.zip SM_Integration.zip

Blocked applications: discovery discovery.probes discovery.discoveryjobserrors discovery.modules discovery.configuration discovery.portlet discovery.discoveryjobsreport compliancy.compare.cis compliancy.goldmaster




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Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: UCMDB Evaluation SW: license / custom adapters

With the basic license there is no way to run any discoveries except for OOB integration jobs you see permitted (NNM, DDMI etc).