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UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores

Jim Shaw
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UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores


Does anyone have any hints on how to recognise CPU cores from physical CPU-in-slot? I can do it on Linux manually using a script that calls dmidecode and compares this against /proc/cpuinfo. Others do it by scraping dmesg, which is probably even better.

On Windows I have no idea... Haven't googled it yet. I hoped that the HP SIM discovery package might sort it, given that we're HP hardware users, but this has had two problems:

1. The HP SIM package returned nothing & died for machines in HP blade chassis that had HBAs. No big deal, fixed it (but didn't feed it back to HP support).
2. Rather than overwrite the "basic" CPU info from WMI and SSH discovery, it added CPUs. Therefore, my 4 Core servers (with 2 physical CPUs) now show 6 CPUs, which is even less useful.

How have others dealt with this? Or have I done something wrong?

I'm tempted to comment out all CPU collecting jython from the boxed discoveries and try to write one that's more accurate.

It's kind of important for licensing reports, so I imagine I'm not the first person to be annoyed, especially as so many software vendors now want to license per-core, some even charging 1.5 CPU licenses per dual-core physical CPU (you evil vendors know who you are!!!) and other rubbish like that.

BTW, we are on BAC 7.51 / UCMDB 7.51.





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Re: UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores


In my opinion it's a missing stuff, like for HardDisk discovery (only logical are discovered).

I think you may distinguish physical CPU than "logical" CPU.
2 options to do that :
- by adding an attribut and set with a value (0/1)
- by creating a specific CIT and maybe changing the relationship like that : Host -> Physical CPU -> Logical CPU.

If not you will have both with the same CIT and that's why you 6 CPus (2 physical and 4 logical).

However, don't forget that DDM is NOT an inventory tool but a discovery one. For that you have DDMI with agent. It will do the job very well.


Jim Shaw
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Re: UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores

A new CI type is a good idea. I disagree though about not using UCMDB for licensing...

Although that's not its documented purpose, it's pointless to discover inaccurate information, regardless of what you're using it for.


Dave Flynn
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Re: UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores

I have had the same encounter.
I ran across this on AMD's website that can be of use on how to get the information.

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Re: UCMDB Discovery - CPU cores

elcoyote-- I am trying to follow the solution which you have given above,do i need to do both step 1 and 2? If am creating a new CIT, do i need to add any attribute?