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UCMDB Custom reports

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UCMDB Custom reports

In custom reports -> view change report

it is giving us all CI + Relationship changes on CI change monitored CIT for a duration.

can we modify this report at TQL level?

I don't want all CI to been seen in the report. like any device prefix with abcxxxxxx shouldn't be a part of this report.

IS it possible to modify custom reports?

please share your thoughts..



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Re: UCMDB Custom reports



You can apply node condition on the CI type for the selected view (on which your report is based)


Display label is not like abcxxxxxx




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Sher Singh
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Re: UCMDB Custom reports

PS - what are those views (in MODELING Studio) for OOTB custom reports?
Sher Singh
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Re: UCMDB Custom reports

PS- please scrap my previous question


Okay! it is an easy fix and works well... 


Thank you