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UCMDB CI Aging query

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UCMDB CI Aging query

I use ucmdb 7.5, and i have attached the screen shot of the aging settings, though i see all settings to be right, i feel that Aging is not working as per the settings.
* Also when i generate a report of Aging, it shows a huge list of CIs which will be deleted on some particular date, i waited for that date and i still see those CIs in ucmdb,
* In the report generated, i just randomly selected one windows CI and pinged that server, am able to get the reply from it, but why is that sever listed as a candidate, though the server is in network.



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Amit Erental
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Re: UCMDB CI Aging query


Please refer to Model management help for full info on this subject, specifically to:
"Removing Out of Date CIs Using the Aging Mechanism" section

"Properties Dialog Box" section:
Actual Deletion Period,Deletion Candidate Period