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UCMDB API - querying history

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UCMDB API - querying history

I tried to use UCMDB webservice API to query the history with PHP.
The method getChangedCIs only gives the ID of the CI and relation changed, not the attributes.
I tried then to query directly the database ucmdb_history. It's OK for numeric and strings but I cannot read data from HIST_INF_BYTE. I get binary data and don't know how to get clear text.

Anyone know how to get this info ?



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Amit Erental
Honored Contributor

Re: UCMDB API - querying history


Do you want to get the old values of the attributes that changed ? not sure this can be done with the UCMDB API

You can easily get the current attributes for the changed CI using the GetCIsByID operation

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Re: UCMDB API - querying history

The problem is that I need the old value...

Re: UCMDB API - querying history

up, i am curious how to do this too
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event