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UCMDB API - 500 CIs Limitation

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UCMDB API - 500 CIs Limitation

Found a limitation working with the UCMDB API.

When using the getCIsByType method I'm not able to return more than 500 CIs.

Any posible solutions or work arounds appreciated.

I'm using vb.net -VS2008 / UCMDB 7.53

Heres a good example of getCIsByType in use... Point the example at a CI type containnig more than 500 CIs and it returns zero.




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Re: UCMDB API - 500 CIs Limitation

Found the solution...

In settings/infrastructure settings, there's a variable labeled:
Ucmdb WS API Settings - Query Operations Settings/query results chunk size=

Set this to whatever max number you would like returned per query.