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UCMDB 9.05 to SM 9.30 Data Push problem

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UCMDB 9.05 to SM 9.30 Data Push problem

I am trying to setup CCRM 9.30 


Versions and Port numbers of Applications being used are mentioned below:

  • HP SM 9.30 Patch 4 : Webtier Port: 8880
  • HP RC 9.13 ; Web Port: 9090
  • HP UCMDB 9.05 CUP 4 ; Web Port: 8080


I have setup UCMDB <-> SM; SM <-> RC; and RC <-> UCMDB integration as per the “CCRM 9.30 Config Guide”.


Here, SM <-> RC Integration is working properly.


But I am facing problem while using Data Push integration adapter jobs for pushing CIs from UCMDB to SM.


It fails with below shown error:


I have appended screenshot of UCMDB 9.05’s error screen with this post and please find attached text file which tells the exact error it is giving.


Any help would be appreciated. Please help it's urgent.


Thanks in advance...


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Re: UCMDB 9.05 to SM 9.30 Data Push problem


Can you please confirm whether you are pushing the standolone CI's to HPSM or relationhsips from UCMDB.

Also please confirm what is your reconciliation key(global id or name).

1)Can you confirm whether the new CI's are getting created in HPSM(evenif with these errors) and if yes, Please compare the ucmdb id in both ucmdb and HPSM for that CI.

1) Kindly ensure that whatever query you are using to push the data, accordingly you have update the synconfFile.

2)Please check the extaccess record in HPSM and check the mappping for the fields.

3)It would be better if you can create a dedicated port# in HPSM to push the data (if it is a production environment) so that when  you push the data from UCMDB, it wont affect the system performance.