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UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

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UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

I'm new in UCMDB.


Is there a way to clear all data from discovery or manually entered or synchronized, without loosing the custom CIT and attributes I've created.



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Asaf Shechter
HPE Expert

Re: UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

just delete instances, either manually (you can goto CIT Manager and right click on ConfigurationItem and then select show all instances and then delete all CIs) or by using Enrichment rule.
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Re: UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

Yes, I know that i can select manually and delete CIs, but I'm looking for kind an automation since I do not want to select CIT one by one.

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Re: UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

Hi Antony,


You can create a enrichment rule to delete the CIs. Let say you want to delete all Host CIs->Unix+Windows, then create a enrichment rule like below:

1. Go to enrichment manager>Query Mode, and drag the Host CIT into the pane.

2. Now go to Enrichment Mode, right click the Host CIT and select delete.

3. Save and enable the enrichment rule.


Using enrichment you can delete all the data from UCMDB, just select the appropriate CIT, which is the parent for other CITs to be deleted.


Let me know if it helps!





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Re: UCMDB 9.05 clear all data

Hi Puneet,


thanks for the solution.

This works fine for me

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event