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UCMDB 9.0 Application Mapping

ersan sahin

UCMDB 9.0 Application Mapping

Hi experts;
I want to Application mapping on UCMDB 9.0 and I want to show the relationship between them and I want to dependency.
How can this relationship ?
I want to demo my customer.
Please help me...

for example:
I added file attachment.



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Re: UCMDB 9.0 Application Mapping

Hi Sahin,

To man an application firstly

1. Run discovery on IP.
2. Run discovery on Host.
3. Run discovery for the DB.
4. Run discovery on TCP Ports.
5. Run discovery on application elements.

Once you have the data in UCMDB, you can start building your view in the Modeling Studio.

Nagendra Swamy.
ersan sahin

Re: UCMDB 9.0 Application Mapping

Thanks NagendraPaladi
I discovered..
how can relationship?
Apache Tomcat to Service Manager Application ..
Application to Database