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UCMDB 7.01 - Discovery pattern "Host Fingerprint using nmap"

Marcus Borchert
New Member.

UCMDB 7.01 - Discovery pattern "Host Fingerprint using nmap"

Hello All,

right now I am struggling with the discovery pattern "Host Fingerprint using nmap" in UCMDB 7.01 and I hope somebody of you can help me out.
The situation here is that we want to use credentialess discovery with nmap and all Discovery Probes are running on Windows 2003 Servers. When I start the discovery pattern, I see the following error message within the wrapperProbe.log:

Error nmap result file is missing F:\hp\UCMDB\DiscoveryProbe\root\lib\collectors\probeManager\discoveryResources\10_104_2_0142509nmap.xmlâ

I did some research within the discovery guide and I found out that "Host Fingerprint using nmap" is causing general problems on windows 2003 servers and instead I should use Probes running on Windows 2000 (Page 119 in this guide).
So I tried it with a Windows 2000 Probe and now it is executing a lot of *.jar files but ends with the same error message. I attached the log to this thread.

I am a bit lost now so your help is much appreciated.
Many Thanks in advance,



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