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UCMDB 10.x license question.

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UCMDB 10.x license question.

Hello there,

I am a little confuse with different license for UCMDB 10.x. We have HP UCMDB 10.00+ Foundation Entitlement license (TF234AAE). I read the license guid and as i understand there shouldn't have restriction about number of stored ci in UCMDB. But in license portal when i load my license information i saw activated quantity 225. My general question -  what is meaning of this number. When i read information for this type of license in license guid i didn't notice something about OS instances for this kind of license.

Any assistance is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Tsvetan Hristov

Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: UCMDB 10.x license question.

Please check a license guide at http://helpfiles.intactcloud.com/UCMDB/10.00/hp_man_UCMDB10.00_SW_License_Config_pdf.pdf

Universal CMDB Foundation explains everything.

There is no restriction on amount of CIs saved in UCMDB, if the CIs are sourced not from discovery features of UD.

Integrations with 3rd parties is an additional license. :) 

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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