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UCM DB integration

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UCM DB integration



We have hp ucm db installed. We need to know how to insert the data into ucm db. And also links which provides an over view about the ucm db server.


Basically we are trying to insert the xml into ucm db, the xml contains the information about the assets.. We need to know the possible ways of inserting details into the ucm db.


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Re: UCM DB integration

DDMI UCMDB federation adapter 1.0
Version: 1.0 ; ID: 242

The Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDMI) - Universal CMDB (UCMDB) federation adapter is based on a generic database adapter.
The purpose of the DDMI - UCMDB adapter is to replicate data from DDMI into UCMDB according to the TQL configuration. In addition, the DDMI data can be federated to UCMDB.

The business use case is to move configuration data discovered by DDMI into UCMDB. For example, DDMI can feed the configuration data, via UCMDB, into HP Service Manager (SM) and allow driving incident, change, and problem management processes.
In general, one of the important roles of UCMDB is to move CIs from data providers (for example, discovery tools) to data consumers (for example, SM, AM).
Leading product

Universal CMDB

Secondary product

Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory

Support matrix

Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory Universal CMDB
9.00 9.01 9.02 9.03 9.04 9.05 10.00 10.01 10.10
*Notes: While this integration is officially "Supported" for DDM-I 7.60 and later, changes to the DDM-I database in DDM-I 7.60 are reflected as missing or incorrect data in uCMDB. DDM-I and uCMDB will work to correct this in a post DDM-I 7.70 release.

Integration technology
UCMDB Federation Adapter

Documentation for this integration can be found using the following links:
HP Universal CMDB Discovery and Integration Content Guide - Integrations
v10.01 (See Chapter 4, "Data Dependency and Mapping Inventory Integration".)
Universal Discovery Content Guide - HP Integrations v10.10
(See Chapter 6, "HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory Integration".)