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Turning on SNMP

Reinhard Rackow
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Turning on SNMP

I am new to DDM-I and need some information concerning what needs to be discovered. The planning document mentions that SNMP needs to be turned on for all routers and switches. I don't want to capture any information about my network devices with DDM-I, only servers. Can I set up DDM-I to not discover the routers and switches and just the servers?

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Re: Turning on SNMP

Hi, if you don't activate the relevant SNMP based patterns then the protocol will not be used.

Besides, if you don't add any SNMP credentials in the first place, any discoveries over SNMP will fail.


For the rest, shell access should be enough to discover your servers.


Please let me know if this answers your question or whether you have any followup questions.

Steven R Lee
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Re: Turning on SNMP

Using SNMP with DDMI is generally used for different purposes in different situations. Ideally having it on with some devices is recommended but not required. (SNMP is only required on the DDMI Server itself)   Generally SNMP is already on with most network devices so there really isn't anything to turn on. In DDMI you need to add the read  community string to collect data. If you have a specific set of devices you wish to inventory I would recommend specifying the IP Address that you want to inventory or create a device group that excludes the IP Address you do not wish to discover. Both ways are configurable and will be required if you are only targeting a specific set of devices.


The use of SNMP in DDMI has many advantages. Bridge Tables and ARP cache information can be collected from the devices MIB. This allows DDMI to collect and merge information about devices that may not have inventory collected. Identifying a device type with this information may help in determining if a devices needs to inventoried or excluded from the discovery. SNMP in DDMI can also help in a short DHCP lease time. DDMI supports all three versions of SNMP and is a powerful aid in indentifying what you don’t know.   

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