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To install uCMDB 9.05, or not to install...

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To install uCMDB 9.05, or not to install...



We are deploying a suite of HP tool to built our foundation.  As a starter, we are installing the following products:

   - uCMDB

   - DDMA (linked with uCMDB)

   - BSM

   - NNMi (ANM suite including iSPIs: Performance - NSP, MPLS, iNET, ...)


Later, we will add OMW into the picture (agents, SPIs, policies), HP RUM & HP BPM for client experience testing and monitoring.


We are planning to do the following integrations;


1- NNMi -> Layer-2 + hostname => uCMDB via simple integration via Dataflow probe.

2- uCMDB/DDMA discovery of the network (servers, applications, processes, ports, etc.)

3- uCMDB -> BSM (Application Mapping) via a Dataflow probe.

4- NNMi -> BSM (alerts and network device monitoring)


We would like to start our installation with the latest versions of every products.  But as per HP Support, uCMDB/DDMA 9.05 is not compatible with BSM 9.13, and it seems that we have no choice of installing uCMDB 9.04.


Someone did install BSM 9.13 and uCMDB recently.  Was it working, and any reason why HP is not supporting 9.05 with BSM 9.13?


Anyone as a comment on our architecture?



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Re: To install uCMDB 9.05, or not to install...

I just looked and BSM 9.13 is supported with UCMDB 9.05 for integrations.  I think your architecture will work just fine.



Hope this helps,
Keith Paschal
Micro Focus Support
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Re: To install uCMDB 9.05, or not to install...

Many thx for this confirmation.