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TQL (pattern view).. Failed to load the CI

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TQL (pattern view).. Failed to load the CI

Hi all,


We have more than 2000 node in our UD Server, I just want to create a software report for all the nodes.


So, I have created a pattern view (Node --> Installed software with composition link).


This pattern view is working fine with "50" Nodes, but when I tried with more Nodes (ex 100+). it is throwing an error Failed to load the CI.


Please do let me know is there any constraints in the pattern view and also I have attached the screen shot of the pattern view that I have created.


Thanks in advance



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Re: TQL (pattern view).. Failed to load the CI

Hello, You may experience this issue because of the one-layer-display-limitation: you can only have 900 objects on the same layer, so I'd recommend to apply the link folding, so that installed software CIs will be folded under Node CIs (instead of having those on the same layer). Cheers, Alex
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