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Speed of Login uCMDB => about 5 min !!!

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Speed of Login uCMDB => about 5 min !!!



We used ucmdb 10.01 cup6 and CP12U7 ...

When we try to log into ucmdb, it takes about 5 minutes (notice thath there is nothing yet in Database) ... during 5 minutes we used to see the wonderful Java "icon" loading ... loading .. loading .....


We try to modifiy java jeap size in "wrapper-plateform.conf" file (2048, 8192, etc ...) but nothing change !


our uCMDB server cames with 32GB ram ....


any idea to improve ?


thanks in advance

Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: Speed of Login uCMDB => about 5 min !!!

If you have an LDAP integration, please be sure that LDAP filters not including your entire organization.

In this case, the communication with LDAP will take loooong time.

Ideal is to limit filter to one group of UCMDB user and another for admins...

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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