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SNMP v3 discovery

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SNMP v3 discovery


I am Working on UD 10.2 with latest CP and CUP.


I am trying to discover snmp v3 devices but out of 45  , only 15 devices have been successfuly discovered but UD is not getting connected to rest devices  though cheredential check is working.


Since credential check is working hence there is no doubt about network or firewall issues. but still getting error like 


connection error :=IP :161 is having error to connect on port 161.



I have checked all possible causes even I put  3rd partyt  tool but found error to run tthe same.


Please suggest what can be done here to resolve the issue.









Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: SNMP v3 discovery

As you have discovered serveral I would suggest that there is either a network issue or the ACLs on the devices are not appropriate.

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Re: SNMP v3 discovery

which discovery jobs did you select on the universal discovery? 

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Re: SNMP v3 discovery

I too am striking out for SNMP v3 - what is the best Job to use?

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Re: SNMP v3 discovery

Hi Nick,

to see if SNMP v3 is to blame I would test on a failing device with SNMP v2c credentials.

For the failing ones do you have a successful test_connection?

What kind of SNMP v3 credentials do you have? GET-BULK or GET-NEXT? Can you try both of them?

Can you temporarily comment out from the script the testConnection method and rerun the job?


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Bogdan Mureșan

EMEA Backline UCMDB Support