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SNMP Discovery - oidToHostClass.xml

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SNMP Discovery - oidToHostClass.xml

Hi there,


I'm using UCMDB 8.07 and discovering new type of servers (Teleste Luminato) with SNMP.


At first it complains that the oid is not defined in oidToHostClass.xml.


I define it like this:


<oidToHostClass class="unix" vendor="Teleste" description="Teleste Luminato 3.8.14" oid="" />


After that, the discovery runs OK...  but it's not mapped to the right CI type. Just "Host", instead of unix.


The DDM manual states:

The oidToHostClass.xml file contains a list of OID (Discovery and Dependency Mapping) numbers, for all CIs in the system that have an ID. This list is required for mapping CIs to their correct CIT, and for converting the discovered OID number of an operating system or a device into string data.


Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug?


Another problem is that the display_label is the IP + DefaultDomain, instead of the sysname for example. Maybe that will solve itself if I manage to map it to the right CIT. 


Thank you and best regards,




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