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Query UCMDB Data from SQL Query browser.

Shivshankar Yad
Honored Contributor.

Query UCMDB Data from SQL Query browser.

We would need to query UCMDB data through SQL Query browser for integration UCMDB with our internal charge back system.

When check the data in the table the CMDB_ID is in binary format so cannot relate to another table.

Appreciate if you can let us know how can i read the CMDB_ID also provide us the database model diagram or is there any other method for quering SQL table.




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Alexander Arkhi
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Query UCMDB Data from SQL Query browser.

Hello Shiva,

Querying UCMDB DB is highly non-recommended approach, as there's no guarantee that HP will maintain the existing DB schema and not upgrade it between service packs/versions.

The best way to query UCMDB from external tool is to use Java/WebServices API (you can find examples in development reference).