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Queries on UCMDB High Availability architecture


Queries on UCMDB High Availability architecture

Hi Experts,


Few queries related to UCMDB10.x


Regarding HA:


I dont have the HA setup yet. But if I am going for the HA with external H/W Load Balancer for 2 or more UCMDB servers,


     1.  Any changes we perform to any scripts/adapters in one UCMDB server will be automatically synced with other servers? or we need to manually export and import?

     2. How the integrations work (e.g. Push Adapters) - Will it automatically decide which UCMDB server to run the adapter job in some algorithm or how it is decided? Do we need to specifically configure anything for that?


Regard Agent management,


Is it possible to have both DDMI and UD agent in the same end user machine and configured on different ports 2738 and 7738.


I know its possible for UD agent to talk to DDMI collector. But can it talk parallely with DataFlow Probe and DDMI server? Anyone has done this?





Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: Queries on UCMDB High Availability architecture


Since you are talkign about UD, I assume you are on UCMDB 10.X. On this version all integration activity was moved to the probe side. In HA configuration, Probe should be pointed to LB, and then forwarded to Writer.

Regarding Agent Management, it's not possible to have two agents on the destination machine at the same time, AFAIK.

Hope this helps.



-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: Queries on UCMDB High Availability architecture

Thanks Dima for the response. Yes, I am using UCMDB 10.x.


As you say, if the integration capabilities have been moved to Probes (which are not part of clusters), any particular probe has access only to its own integrated PostGreSql DB. It doesnt have access to the complete set of data. In this case, how come when data push required, from PROBE it will be fine?


May be, I am missing something in the understanding part. Can you please elaborate a bit assuming a scenario where we need to push all the CIs to an external entity in a HA configuration, where the Probes are pointing to LB against the Writer IP as the UCMDB server IP in its setup.




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