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Printer import from XML file

Occasional Advisor

Printer import from XML file

Hi experts,

I want to add the Configuration items (CI) from an XML-file into the Standard UCMDB CI-Type "Printer". The CIT-Printer however has an Standard key attributes "root_container", which does not approve the value memory. (I can´t write anything down there)

Unfortunately I can´t remove the key attributes "root container". If I remove the key and save the change, after updating the key is available again.

Is it possible to remove the key at an attribute?
If not, how can I resolve the error message "received object of class "Printer" has no required attribute "root_container"

I tried to save there any value, but it seems not to work anyway.




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Dmitry Shevchen
HPE Expert

Re: Printer import from XML file

It looks like you miss the conceptual importance of root_container attribute. You cannot remove this attribute nor you should even think about it.

Printer CIT is one of Host Resource CITs. As such Printer CI can only exist if there is some Host CI to which it relates. So if you want to import Printer CIs you have to know to which Host CIs you are going to relate your Printer CIs. Root_container attribute of every Printer CI is supposed to contain UCMDB ID of related Host CI.
Alexander Arkhi
Honored Contributor

Re: Printer import from XML file

Maybe you're looking for a way to add a Network Printer, which doesn't need a "root_container", but is derived from the Host?
Occasional Advisor

Re: Printer import from XML file

A good idea, thanks.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event