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NNMi - UD integration approach

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NNMi - UD integration approach



We are working on UD 10.10 on Windows platform with CP13 We have done UD-NNM integration but unable to get layer 2 connectivity with servers. NNM TOPOLOGY had been pull in UD but layer2 connectivity within network devices are exist but no layer2 connections with servers. NNM is monitoring only Network devices and Servers have been discovered from UD. Post integration, looking for the switch to server connectivity. But no such dependancies are exist.


How the solution works if I need layer2 connections with servers.


Do I need to map servers in NNMi ?


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Dima Gomel
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Re: NNMi - UD integration approach

Just to be sure that you are looking in correct place.  :)

In UCMDB Layer 2 is represented as CI connected to interfaces. So the view will be

switch -> interface <-L2-> interface <- server.


Hope this helps.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: NNMi - UD integration approach

Hi Parkar,


We have similar requirement, NNMi 10.00 discoverying only network elements and UD 10.11 with CP14 discoverying only server elements,  need to achive Router ->switch port -> switch port -> server nic card/server


Can you through a light how to achive this..if you have any procedure on this please share with us.


I have tried similar  posting but not getting idea how to get this relationship in UD.

  If i get switch port MAC address from NNMi and server MAC from UD, thining to create relaship with common parameter,

but now sure, is NNMi to UD integration will forward this MAC details of each switch port to UD.


What type of data is UD is pulling or NNMi is pushing to UD for Layer 2 topology data.










Re: NNMi - UD integration approach

Yes - You will need to discover Servers in NNMi in order to know the Layer2 connectivity and then push it back to UCMDB.

Servers infromation will reconcile on UCMDB side and you will have Layer2 infromation and Discovery infroamtion on UCMDB.


There is no way around it because NNMi is the best Layer2 discovery out there (currently) and it need to know the FDB (Forwading table of MAC adresses) to make an accurate display of infromation.

It is recommended to discover all Servers in NNMi (Yes - it means to have SNMP on server and Yes it means more nodes are being monitored) - but this will achive what you want