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MySQL Discovery using uCMDB 9.02

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MySQL Discovery using uCMDB 9.02

Hi All,

We are using uCMDB 9.02 with CP7, we are trying to discover MySQL instances on system, say i have a system which is running three instances of MySQL database mysql_s81, mysql_s82 and mysql_s83,all of them are using port 3381, however uCMDB is discovering them as a single db with display name as "MySQL on Port 3381", but in reality there should be 3 instances discovered. please let me know if there is anything which can be altered so that uCMDB can discover all those instances separately? We have the "mysqld" file placed in folder /home/mysql/mysqlc5.0.45/bin/ however the my.cnf file for all three of them are placed separately under /mysql_s81, /mysql_s82 and /mysql_s83 directories respectively.




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