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Monitoring UCMDB requirements.

Swati Rohilla
Occasional Contributor

Monitoring UCMDB requirements.


I want to prepare a document if an organization want to monitor their prducts as well as other products.What are the requirements to monitor cmdb version 7.5 or version 9.Can you please tell me about the services names,agents which should be up?
What other things are necessary so that we do not want any warning alert that cmdb agent is not working or service is not working,Memory full etc.

Please assist me i am new in UCMDB field.I am working on both version 7.5 and 9.0




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Ms Black
Regular Collector

Re: Monitoring UCMDB requirements.

Hi Swati,

Do you want to monitor UCMDB installed in your environment.

>>Generally ucmdb comes with Health page(Programs--HPBAC-->Configuration ) in which you can check the status of various services running in UCMDB.

>> Also there is a configuration page which will tell you about the connection with the Database(running, stopped. archive full etc)

>> Also ucmdb server can be configured with HPOpen View or OVPI to check the disk size and all these parameters.

Please let me now if you want to check anything specififc.


Swati Rohilla
Occasional Contributor

Re: Monitoring UCMDB requirements.

Thanks a lot Black.What about the BPM tool?
I got to know from some where that some services and agents need to be up by this tool for running successfully UCMDB?

Dmitry Shevchen
HPE Expert

Re: Monitoring UCMDB requirements.

HP has a tool that is specifically designed to monitor health of uCMDB server. In other words, it contains lots of monitors that know what is important to monitor on the uCMDB server and how to do it. So you won't need to re-invent the wheel as you would have to do in case using legacy OpenView products for this purpose.

The tool is called SiteScope System Health and is basically a special flavor of regular SiteScope product. It's free of charge though.

The only problem is that currently it works with uCMDB 8.x only. It didn't exist at uCMDB 7.5 timeframe, and is not available yet for uCMDB 9.0. For uCMDB 9.0 it will be available for sure, but not for 7.5.
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