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Missing "OS" properties

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Missing "OS" properties



Im having issues, discovering ubuntu release info and doing performance graphs on most of our servers in OMI. My problem is that the Graph and Metrics list are "empty" and says "Could not find any related data source" in performance perspective.


Im suspecting that it is because of certain missing discovery properties.
It works fine with all the operations servers (the nnm,omw,ucmdb, running windows) and most of our CentOS and Red Hat linux releases. Here I can see the "Data Sources and Metric Classes" and the Virtual and Systems infrastructure graph lists.


If i compare the properties of a correctly discovered CI ( eg. NNM-HORS-1 ) with one of those im trying to fix ( voip-aarh-3 ), im seeing that I am missing the following properties:




also the "Updated By" says BSM, instead of UCMDB like the working one.


See screenshots.



voip-aarh-3, running OM agent v 11.14

ucmdb v 10.10

bsm 9.23




Have you got any throubleshooting in mind, that i can try?


Thanks on advance!

Dima Gomel
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Re: Missing "OS" properties

I'd ask you to provide more info on data flows and integrations between different components.

Correct me if I wrong, but screenshots are from OMI.

Where following attribute supposed to be populated from:



-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: Missing "OS" properties

Hi Dima


Sorry, I might have mixed up 2 issues. I will try and split it up and clarify! The issue that i wanted to solve is:


UCMDB failes to discover the installed version of linux on most of our servers.. So the

"Node Operating System Installation type" / "Node Operating System Release" / "OSDescription" / "OSvendor"  is not discovered on 90% of our Linux servers.




Re: Missing "OS" properties

Hi - 

Did you ever get this resolved? If so, what was the solution? I seem to find a lot of "questions" posted in this community, but no "answers".

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Re: Missing "OS" properties

If you are trying to get those attributes from Discovery with shell not from an integration, then look at the communication log and see which command is not getting the right output

For example, some systems require sudo used to run "demidecode -t system"

dmidecode -t system returns: Manufacturer, Product Name, Version, Serial Number, UUID, Wake-up Type

If "demidecode -t system" requires sudo then you'll see this in the communication log


[CDATA: dmidecode -t system | grep -A 6 "System Information" ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]
<RESULT>[CDATA&colon; /dev/mem: Permission denied



Rey Lejano