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LoadRunner loadtesting uCMDB GUI

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LoadRunner loadtesting uCMDB GUI

Dear collegues,


in the course of performance optimization efforts of the uCMDB GUI (we're running on uCMDB 9.0.3 CUPS5 CP9 at the moment) we're trying to get an idea of the differences between SSL and non-SSL comms influencing GUI performance and would like to test this somehow. We have LoadRunner at our disposal, but need some idea how best to apply VuGen to script a uCMDB GUI transaction and use that for load testing. Some ways that come to mind would include using an HTTP/HTML and/or Java vUser, but on SSL based GUIs it would be kind of hard to get/put credentials, right? So does anyone here have experience doing this kind of testing and/or tips/best practices of going about it?


My thanks in advance for your consideration.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event