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Integrate String_List to Array (UCMDB to SM)

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Integrate String_List to Array (UCMDB to SM)



In UCMDB I am storing a String_List containing a list of company names in order to display leveraged CI's. I can't seem to get the field to integrate properly to an Array in SM. Is there a way to transfer the String_List in UCMDB into an Array (of strings) in SM? We're using UCMDB 10.01 and SM 9.33.


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Vlaho Djurkovic

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Re: Integrate String_List to Array (UCMDB to SM)

Do you mean the enumeration feature in the uCMDB System Type Manager? If so wouldn't that value be assigned to one attribute on a CI and then you push over that or are you talking about list_of_strings?


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event