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Impact Analysis Manager in UCMDB

SAS Saturn
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Impact Analysis Manager in UCMDB

Hello All,

Can I create a view/model in Modeling studio and then use those same views to define Impact rules in Impact Analysis manager?

Or do we need to create new views in Impact Analysis manager to associate them with impact rules?




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Amit Erental
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Re: Impact Analysis Manager in UCMDB


Impact rules is build based on Impact analysis query, create within the Impact analysis manager, and used within the IT universe manager (or other UCMDB manager where you have to context menu enabled)

In a nutshell:

Once you have an Impact analysis query, you define the impacted nodes, and add at least one impact rule (i.e: how a specific change in the trigger node will impact the impacted node)

Once this is done, in the IT universe manager you can use "Run Impact Analysis" on an CI.

For full info, read the "Impact Analysis Manager" and "Run Impact Analysis Dialog Box" sections on UCMDB modeling guide. available online here: