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Impact Analysis: Edit query?


Impact Analysis: Edit query?

Hi all, is it possible to change the scope and the severity of an Impact query? Or do we have have to rebuild the query?

I'm not sure if I simply don't find out how this is done or if it is not possible.


Another question: What is the best way deal with redundancy? We have a redundant service that is based on to clusters and the service will be affected when one cluster is  impacted, but the service is still operational then.  Should it work when we create a rule for nodes->cluster with severity critical and use the 50% severity for further propagation from cluster->service? Is there a document that explains the more fancy use of impact rules? I read the relateds chapter in the Modeling Guide, but some things are still not clear for me. Thanks!


Re: Impact Analysis: Edit query?

For the first question:


This is an easy one: You can go to Impact Analysis Manager and right click the Trigger Node. There you can Edit the Impact Rule.


For the secound question im still looking for an answer.  I will post when I found something



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