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How to restore identification rules?

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How to restore identification rules?

I've changed identification method from "by identification rule" to "by key attribute" from CI Type Manager. When I'm changing method back to "by identification ruke" all my rules are gone. Is there any way to restore them?


UCMDB 10.10




Re: How to restore identification rules?



First Ground Rule from HP Software Never Change any Identification Rule from Out of the Box Software, as HP folks spent lot of effort to design it .


Secondly if you are reverting it back to previous OOTB rule it should fucntion fine bring back all rules barring your modification, otherwise if you have exported these in XML fomat you can restore it .


Last option restore the system (Which we did it post playing around with Indentification rule )

Dima Gomel
HPE Expert

Re: How to restore identification rules?

I'd like to comment on it. To adjust idnetification rule one need to have clear understanding of how it works and have an option to test the solution thoroughly.

In my opinion, identification rule for OOTB classed need to be changed in very rare cases. The reason for it, fact that identification need to be in sync with current discovery running. Any change of identification rule will affect all data-in.


I'll b ehappy to provide OOTB identification for any CIT per request.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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