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How to populate Location ci type

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How to populate Location ci type

Hi experts,

I am needing to make a data enrichment.
I have several subnet and these have their location in the company.
But UCMDB not detected and is very important.


Any suggestions?

The data on the location should be recorded in the CI type NODE.


For xample:
If I find the IP range is 10 NODES and in the "DiscoveredLocation" should say "Buenos Aires".


I found a possible solution, but I can not make.





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Re: How to populate Location ci type

Correct if my Understanding is Wrong.
You want the Discovered Location Attribute to be updated for set of IP Ranges.
If this is your request, You can do this through Enrichment by
1. Drag the Node and IP CI Type
2. Filter on IP Address CI type for the IP Range you want in the Query Mode
3. In the Enrichment Mode, select your Node CI Type, and choose Update Node and select the Discovered Location Attribute and type the Value you want.
4.Save it and Run the Enrichment.

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Re: How to populate Location ci type

Hi Ashokkumar_1,


Thanks for the reply.
The problem is that I have multiple IPs for a single PC.



In the attached picture you will see a NODE with multiple IPs

But --> belongs to Mendoza --> belongs to Buenos Aires    --> belongs to Buenos Aires


How to know which is the last IP that detected the job "by Discovery Inventory Scanner" in order to assign a Location NODE related.

Dima Gomel
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Re: How to populate Location ci type

If you have situation where node has multiple IPs across different locations, your decision couldn't be made based on IP. You need to find different condition.

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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Re: How to populate Location ci type

Dima, thank you very much for the comment.
Sorry to insist on the same thing, but I sirtas ddas and perhaps arise with your experience you help me know:


1. How could remove IPs that are not characteristic of the network eg. "ff02 :: c" (seen in the picture above)


2. How could determine who is the user of the PC? I mean who is most in use.


3. Turning to the Location, I found no way to make a enrriquesimieno using CIs as "IPSubnet", "IpAddress", "Windows" .... You could help me?


Thank you very much

Sorry for my English, I use the translate: ( 



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Re: How to populate Location ci type



Another approach you can use, is to create a CSV/EXCEL document containing all your IP and their rated locations and use the Excel import adapter under integration studio, to import the file.

this was successfully accomplished by several customers.


Worth mentioning that if you use BSM in your env, you will be able to manage locations based on IP ranges,

this data can be later on synced to UCMDB.



Asi Garty, Architect
BSM APM R&D, HP Software