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How to execute cmd.exe by WMI in UCMDB?

Song Peng
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How to execute cmd.exe by WMI in UCMDB?

Hi all,
In my customer site, there is no ntcmd process but only WMI protocol could be use in PC servers. And I want to find some information in a file which path like 'c:\a.txt' in remote PC.
In my opinion, the only way to do this is to create a discovery job which use the WMI CI, and run the cmd.exe and type 'type "c:\a.txt"' in the remote PC. If it works, I could get the content of the txt. Then I format the content and input the informations into my CIs.
The problem is how to execute this command in Jython script?



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Alexander Arkhi
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Re: How to execute cmd.exe by WMI in UCMDB?

Well, even if you'll be able to execute a process on destination machine with WMI call, I doubt you can read the output from its window.
What's the reason behind inability to use NTCMD (is it because of security constraints or some other)?