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How to deal with escape character is xslt file

Gregory Pappas
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How to deal with escape character is xslt file

We are running UCMDB 8.02 and Service Manager 7.11

I have a xslt file for replicating UCMDB SQL database CITs to Service Manager.
The name of the SQL database in UCMDB includes a slash '\' which is an escape character.
I am attempting to exclude from the SQL database SID everything after and including the slash '\'. [Example: hmch3434\sqlexpress]
Here is the code in the xslt file.

The "otherwise" portion of the file works fine.
What I get in the "when" portion is just "mssql_".
I have tried multiple variations to deal with the escape character '\' being in the name:
substring-before(., ''\'')
substring-before(., '"\"')
substring-before(., '\\')
None of these produce the desired result. In fact most produce errors.

How do I deal with trying to eliminate the text in the SQL database name inside the xslt file?




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