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How to Create New Ci in HPuCMDB

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How to Create New Ci in HPuCMDB

Hi Experts,


I am new to uCMDB. I have installed HpuCMDB 10.00 in a server shared by HP Service Manager 9.30. However they are runing in different portts.  My question is how do I  create a New CI in HPuCMDB10.00?


Please help



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Re: How to Create New Ci in HPuCMDB



I am assuming you mean that you have installed UCMDB and SM on the same server, as a test environment?

Best practice says to create CI's and maintain logical, non-discoverable CI information, on SM and then populate to UCMDB.

So that's what I would do, use the SM Configuration manager to create a new CI, then activate the UCMDB integration point to pull across all CI's to UCMDB.


Alternatively, if you really have to, use the IT Universe Manager in the UCMDB Modeling section to create a new CI and push it across to SM with the UCMDB SM push job.


Does this come a little way to what you need?





Dima Gomel
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Re: How to Create New Ci in HPuCMDB

I'd like to highlight two important points. 

1. It's not recommended that SM and UCMDB will share same server. Discovery probe will requeires additional one (3 at all).

2. It's higly recommended to move out from UCMDB 10.0 to UCMDB 10.01 and then install latest CUP on top of it.

Here are links for download:

-Dmitry Gomel, PMP
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