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HPCmd.bat failed to connect to remote service pipes


HPCmd.bat failed to connect to remote service pipes

Hi All,


We have some issue discovering a windows machine with CMS 10 and we have been getting the following error message when trying to test the connection with HPCmd.bat command from the probe:


HPCmd.bat \\<target_IP> /USER:<domain>\<username> /PWD:<password>


Failed to launch service. details: Failed to connect to remote service's pipes.


We've confirmed that the domain credential we use is okay since we can login via RDP to the target server just fine using the same credential.


No firewall blocking as well as the probe and the target server are sitting on the same subnet, nor do they have any firewall software (windows firewall is also disabled); we can also connect to TCP 135-139, 445 just fine from the probe. Ping is obviously working.


We can also access the admin$ share of the target server from the probe when logging in with the same credential.


UAC has been disabled on both probe and the target server.


Wonder what else did we probably miss.. appreciate any help!

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Re: HPCmd.bat failed to connect to remote service pipes

i had a similar problem.

Check if UAC is really deactivated:
if you are using windows server 2012, you need to deactivate it also from registers.


Set HPCmd to run as administrator with compatibility Windows xp SP2.