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HP Ucmdb attribute length/size by webservice (class definition)

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HP Ucmdb attribute length/size by webservice (class definition)



New here, not sure this is posted on the ride board.


I am reading class definitions (via the webservices from our UCMDB). I do this with the webservice call: getCmdbClassDefinition   (and to get the list of classes I use getAllClassesHierarchy). 

Everything works fine, i see all classes, all attributes etc as expected.


But i can't find the property of a string attribute that defines the length/size of the attribute. I wan't know the length of string attributes but can't find it anywhere.


Any idea's how to retreive this info via the basic webservices from our UCMDB server?






P.S. This thread has been moved from Application Integration Forum  to CMS and Discovery Support and News Forum. - Hp forum Moderator

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